+ Leaving SF Tomorrow

Been Here 6 Or So Months…. Got To Kick It With My Brothers Like In High School. Everyone Has Jobs Now, But The Fact That I’m Still Fuckin With The Same People After All These Years, 4 Of Which Have Been Out Of The Country Says Alot In My Opinion….Lucky To Have SCK In My Life….That Being Said, I’m Happy/Relived To Head Back To Toronto…I Know That My Heart Will Always Be In SF, SF Native Por Vida & All That Shit, But My Mind/Soul Is At Rest In Toronto. 3 Days On The Train. Excited To Hit The Ground Running With This Photography Shit In Toronto, Hopefully I Will Keep Learning New Shit Errday.Going To Start Painting In The T….Im Happy.Life Is Good. Thats All I Can Ask For…

Word To The Wave




Divis Has Changed So Much… Now Its White People Everywhere With Fuckin Pomeranians And Dick Dusters…Keep Hoods Yours.